Have you heard of Tweet ups? I haven’t either. Well… Not until recently. It is a combination of Twitter and meeting up. Get the picture? =P

One of our gem clients Elisse is undoubtedly one of the funnest people to talk to in the world, that paired up with Twitter – is a deadly procrastination combination 😛 Having said that, we would never have met this FANTASTIC couple! A Twitter friend of Elisse (someone whom she hadn’t met) Dilara, decided to meet up at a local event. Thus the Tweet up was complete 😛 and the rest is history (with some RAD Studio flavour somewhere in the middle).

When we first had our consultation with Dilara and Dennis, we had an extraordinary time! Not only was it a lot of fun, but we had moments that epitomized who we loved shooting. In each of our meetings Danelle and I listen and glean to everyone’s story. When were listening to Dilara and Dennis’, there were tears shared. Tears were evoked by simple words of ‘what do you mean to each other?’  –   Simply amazing.

Their session was no different. It was a concentrated dose of absolute awesomeness.