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Hello Friends,

This compilation of loveliness has been a few months in the making. Jessica Birak of Mint and Birch was our winner for our JournalSession promotion when we launched anew in April of this year. When I read her submission something just stood out. Somehow I knew I would be meeting someone who would be a real breath of fresh air and happily, I was right. I can often articulate my description of someone with ease but with Jessica – I feel like I have so much to say but I’m afraid it may turn into an afternoon of reading for you so I’ll try to keep this concise. Everyone: you have to meet her. She is the most humble and down to earth person – so very successful in what she has accomplished and established in her business but goodness, her heart and mind are fixed on creating something amazing for the next customer who contacts her. She is so dedicated to the intention, detail and story behind her work that you will undoubtedly see and hear that as you speak to her. When we first met at her place, I was instantly greeted by a smile and many more after that. She was so kind and had many stories to share about her work and how much it has meant to her. You can tell that conversations over these beautiful pieces that she has created has really grown in her such a passion and respect for the calling through her work. Though she has amassed quite a following (as you’ll see below) and her business has taken off, she speaks the least about her accolades, humbly and fondly regaling of past pieces and their story… almost as if these pieces had life of their own.  It is no surprise she has done so well. As we have worked with past businesses, time and time again we’ve seen the recipe work: excellence, dedication, commitment and focus. To add to that she will very proudly tell you that she is a mother and a wife before all of this and I really do believe that those roles really help fuel the level of excellence in each product. She talks about her work with passion yes, but get her to talk about her family and, well, she makes you proud to be a mother.

I feel especially blessed to give you a little glimpse into the real story behind the scenes.

Jessica, thank you for the example of kindness and commitment to both your passion in business and in your family life. You are brilliant my dear. And what is even more exceptional is how far you have come and how strong you are. Your story is amazing, I am still in awe ask I recall it in my mind. I cannot wait for you to share the whole picture with everyone because I know for certain, you will move hearts and inspire change. You are an inspiration already, and I know that as the platform widens for you to open up your story further, others will truly believe that hope is real and hope is personal. I am thankful for you. To think I am doing my very first JournalSession with someone who has hit quite a peak in their career but is really just getting started… I am speechless. To even think about how far you’ll go with your next steps in writing truly is epic.

Your’s in Friendship,





Danelle Nicanor


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